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1.If I sign up today and after 5 weeks one million members have joined will I be eligible to become a millionaire after 5 weeks? No. Each person must pay dues for 26 weeks before becoming eligible for every drawing.

2.If I win one million dollars and my wife is also a member in the club, can she still win even though we are married? Yes. She can also become a millionaire. Eligibility is not determined by number of members in a household.

3.Can I win more than once? No. Each member can only win once.

4. Once I win, do I still have to pay dues? No. Your dues and membership will end. The remaining years of your dues will be withdrawn from your winnings. This will be calculated by the amount paid minus $2600.

5.When do my chances start to win an automobile once I have been paying my dues on time? You can win an automobile if you have 26 weeks of dues paid and there are one million members.

6. Can I take the cash amount instead? No.

7. How often is the automobile drawing? The drawing for an automobile will take place once a month.

8.I don't have a checking account or credit card, how would I pay for my membership? Memberships can be paid with a cashier’s check or money order. This can be mailed to The Club’s contact address provided.

9. How long after I stop paying dues will I be eliminated from the club? The moment you stop paying. The club has the sole discretion to continue your membership should you choose to continue.

10.Can I stop paying dues for a short period of time and resume my membership from where I left off? No

11.Can I transfer my membership into someone else's name? No. Transferring memberships are not permitted.

12.What happens if the membership does not reach one million; does that mean no one wins? We fully expect club membership to reach 60 million in two years. At that time 60 members will be selected each week.

13. How do we collect our winnings? A company representative will contact you to notify you of your winnings and make arrangements to get your winnings to you.

14. How will drawings be done? Each member will be given a unique number that is theirs for the lifetime of their membership. All drawings will be done electronically.

15. Will you accept personal checks? Yes. Personal checks are accepted.

16. If I don’t have a computer can I still become a member? Yes. You may sign up by sending a personal check, money order or cashier’s check by mail. You may also contact us and provide a credit or debit card number by phone. Which we will bill recurring payments.

17. How do I end my membership? You must contact us in writing; include your name, address and phone number. Please allow 2 weeks for us to process your request.